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Lillie Lace

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Phone Number: 01492 547222
18 Cowlyn Avenue, Rhos on Sea, Colwyn Bay, UK LL28 4RB

Welcome To Lillie Lace...

Based in Rhos on Sea, we are a friendly, family run business specialising in hand made Curtains and Roman Blinds.  As we manufacture in store from our open  in store workshop, you can see the quality of your work being produced. Because we manufacture in house we hold a vast choice of fabrics.  With so many designs and materials to choose from you may be spoiled of choice!

Our Main Selling Products are:

  • Hand Made Curtains
  • Roman Blinds
Why choose Lillie Lace?

We pride ourselves on a quality service, each and every time.  We keep to our deadlines and offer personal fitting services when required.

What choices do I have when it comes to curtains and Roman Blinds?

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish for your home, we can provide you with padded, Thermal Lined or Blackout Interlined Curtains or Roman Blinds. Understand that every room in your home may offer up different warmth properties and light variants.

Do you have a cold room or poor windows letting in a draft?  

Then a Thermal lined or interlined curtain will help hold warmth in your home, and by adding blockout lining, you will reduce light entering your rooms. Great for those weekend lie-ins!  How about that, Save money while heating while you sleep!

We take pride in our work and can discuss whether you require:

  • Lined or Interlined - Cosy plump luxury look, hangs very well
  • Thermal - Reduced Heating Costs and warmer rooms
  • Blockout - Reduce daylight or street light entering your room

Are hand Made Curtains expensive?

Everyone knows hand made anything comes in a little more costly and there are no exceptions with curtains, but choose correctly and over a period of time, our curtains may work out a far better deal in the long run and look superb! We pride ourselves as fair priced, hence why we receive recommendations for our clients.



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