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Phone Number: 01244 831134
Station Road, Queensferry, Deeside, UK CH5 2TB

Welcome to RES Ltd...

With over 20 years in the industry, our team of specialists workers can help with any project, whether you are within the commercial Sector, or are a Homeowner looking to fulfil a desired project.

We specialise in mild steel, and stainless steel tube fabrications, welding and pipework services, also offering an array of fabrication and engineering solutions to builders and homeowners such as:

Some of our Commercial Services;

  • Piping Work (Gas/Water Pipes) Including Fabrication & Fixing Welding when needed ideal for:
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Hotels
    • New Builds
  • Fire Escapes Ideal for:
    • Commercial Properties
    • Hotels
    • Any Public Building
    • Meeting Health & Safety Regulations
  • RSJ's  - Structural Engineering ideal for:
    • House Renovation where Structural support is required
    • Lintel Replacements
    • Load Bearing Areas
  • Pre-fabrication Services
    • Saving Time & Reduce Costs
    • Improved Efficiency
    • Prevent Deadline Delays
  • One of Bespoke Fabrication 

When working with our clients, we can assist with speeding up your production, reducing costs, reducing site time and improve co-ordination with our pre-fabrication services. At RES Ltd, we convert traditional installations into turnkey packages to help you meet deadlines, increase your flexibility, removing many of the issues associated with on-site working.

Domestic Offerings;

  • Gates & Railings
  • Balustrades
  • Staircases 
  • Garden Furniture
  • One of Bespoke Fabrication
& Much more...

Professionalism is one of our key values, offering sound advise and great communication with our Domestic Clients. We work to realistic time frames and budget.  We aim to provide solutions and as fabricators we make it happen! Contact RES Ltd today for your fabrication needs!

Our Domestic offerings cover North Wales & Cheshire & Our Commercial Services are available throughout the whole of the UK 

Our service is available 7 days a week and we are happy to provide references regarding any projects we have undertaken upon your request.

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