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Unit 7, The Old Creamery (Blue & white Units), Off Station Road, Mochdre, Colwyn Bay, UK LL28 5EF

Hot Tubs for Sale in North Wales, Cheshire* & North West

We are an experienced company specialising in providing high quality and expertly designed hot tubs for sale throughout North Wales, Cheshire* and the North West. More than any other home improvement, hot tubs are not only an investment in health, well-being and family, but also offer excellent value entertainment all year round.

Plus, time spent together in the warm water can lead to better relationships in and out the hot tubs.

 When you spend time with loved ones, immersed in warm water, something ,magical happens.

We have a wide range of hot tubs available for sale, including our river range and elite ranges which have been carefully crafted using high quality materials and expert craftsmanship. Whether you wish to hire a hot tub temporarily or you wish to invest in a permanent home improvement, we have a hot tub that will be suitable to your specific needs. We offer hot tubs for the use of between 2-8 people and all of our products are designed and developed to be a portable system through being light and easy to handle, tough enough to resist damage and are low maintenance meaning no extensive ongoing costs. Our experts can install and deliver hot tubs quickly and efficiently in North Wales, the North West and Cheshire*.

With a hot tub, it’s easy to make wellness a priority.

By making your spa part of your daily ritual, you can be at your best every day by experiencing physical, emotional and mental benefits. Our hot tubs are available for sale at low prices and we also offer finance in order to make your dream home improvement a reality. Also, when you hire a hot tub from us, we ensure that we keep costs down, whilst also providing you with a high quality spa and exceptional service.
We have a wide range of expertly designed hot tubs for sale and hire in North Wales, the North West and Cheshire*. If you have any questions or queries, please contact us today.

 Be at your very best every day by making your hot tub a part of your daily ritual.

Coming to a cinema near you........

Posted by Gareth Jones on Monday, 3 April 2017

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